Star Trek Remade by Kids in the 1970s

These videos seem to be cropping up now. I find them rather charming, so I hope more find their way online. This one has great special FX added, adult Trek voices, not to mention some great fight choreography (for kids).


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4 thoughts on “Star Trek Remade by Kids in the 1970s

  1. vinvectrex says:

    Great production values -and not a bad plot at all. I prefer this to pretty much every episode of Enterprise I ever saw. Oh no! Did I just admit to watching Enterprise?

  2. Awesome! I really hope that the kids in the ‘film’ found this in some closet and decided to get back together to dub the voices. :)

    @vinvectrex I’m going on a limb here, friend, and admitting I really enjoyed the first season on Enterprise.

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