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A race of scientifically created half-human, half-salmon monstrosities lay siege to a Pacific Northwest fishing village. In horrific fashion, the mutated creatures kill the men and mate with the women in order to reproduce. Can the Humanoids From the Deep be stopped before they destroy mankind as we know it?

humanoids from the deep

Shout Factory! keeps putting out these Roger Corman Cult Classics, so I keep watching them. Last night I got home from the movies and was still itching to watch something, so I popped in my new acquired DVD, Humanoids From The Deep. This film has quite a decent reputation, but despite that I have never actually watched it. So I was very excited.

The film is about a fishing town that is having problems and desperately needs a cannery to save them. Of course science fails them and instead of increasing Salmon yields, it makes for these hybrid human/salmon who go on a killing spree and start violently “mating” with the women of the town. Their is an odd, but I guess fitting subplot with the local native Americans trying to stop the cannery, but besides that this is a straight up monster film. The creatures are slow moving, but plentiful and they start taking out townfolk almost as soon as the camera starts rolling. Its all silly slasher fun, but I have to admit, I found two things more then B-movie disturbing about Humanoids From The Deep. The first is the “rape” scenes – they are a bit disturbing and I don’t think I am alone in thinking this. The second is the birth scene at the end. While it is predictable, it is still very effective.

By the end I was sleepy from a long day and a bit tired in the way a good horror film can exhaust you. But I couldn’t go to sleep because Humanoids From The Deep on DVD has a good amount of extras:

* Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes
* Trailers, TV & Radio Spots
* Leonard Maltin Interviews Roger Corman on the Making of the Film
* “The Making Of Humanoids From The Deep” Featuring New Interviews with Roger Corman, Second Unit/Assistant Director James Sbardellati, Composer James Horner and Cindy Weintraub
* New World Trailers

The complete package made for a very good late night of movie watching. So if you like horror (not just Corman horror), you will probably enjoy Humanoids from the Deep.

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