Guitar Maistro Zack Kim’s Tribute to Super Mario

Some of you may have heard of this guy, but I wanted to show you his amazing talent. He’s able to play two guitars (TWO GUITARS) at once!! Utilizing a sound set-up that allows for precise, finger-tapping guitar style, Zack Kim is able to belt about some awesome melodies (and harmonies).

What’s even more unique, is his penchant for playing classic video game and cartoon theme songs. Zack plays everything from Super Mario, The Simpsons, Zelda, Final Fantasy and Tetris – just to name a few. Zack’s debut album is supposed to be released soon.

I the meantime, you can catch most of his works on YouTube. Enjoy!!


Crazy about 1960s cars, architecture and interior design.
In love with the 1970s - 1980s arcade games and home console systems.

Currently building a basement arcade (albeit slowly).

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