Chicken McNuggets – Now in Three Sizes

I remember a crisp autumn day back in High School. I had just cashed my paycheck and borrowed my sister’s car. My friend was supposed to go with me, but he got sick so I went to the arcade up at the Willowbrook Mall alone and played games until it closed. I had not eaten all day so on the drive home (it was late), I stopped at a McDonald’s just as it was closing. I ordered a 9 piece McNugget, coke and fries. I pulled through the drive through, just as the exterior lights were being turned off and I parked facing the highway, watching cars zip by. When I reached into the bag — 20 piece McNugget! I guess they were trying to clear out their stuff and decided to throw some chicken magic my way. I sat their for the next half hour, watching people drive way too quickly, listened to bad New Jersey radio and swallowed nugget after nugget dripping in Sweet N Sour sauce.

It was a very good night.


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