Photos from the 2010 Classic Gaming Expo

I had a chance to attend the 2010 Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas this past Saturday. It was a great event, and I thought I’d post a few pictures from the Video Game Museum they set up. And, although I don’t have any photos of it, you may want to check out the Game Reviews section where the Retroist talks about Halo for the 2600. It is a homebrew that was really amazing.

The organizers had several notable folks from the early days of game design. There was a panel with folks like David Crane (Pitfall, etc.), Steve Cartwright, and Gary Kitchen. It was great to hear about the process at Atari and Activision in the early days. Sadly, the organizers said that it was harder than ever to get corporate sponsors for the event, so the 2010 Expo could be the last. I certainly hope that isn’t the case.

This is my first attempt at posting some photos to the forum, so I’m hoping this works:

Here’s the elusive Atari 2700 prototype
atari 2700

I got a kick out of this. You can see Imagic’s Star Voyager cartridge art was clearly made using part of a Kenner Millenium Falcon
star voyager

An Atari portable I’d never seen
atari portable

The Atari Cosmos prototype
atari cosmos

The rare original Intellivision computer adapter
Intellivision computer adapter

The TOPO robots (they also had several other types of robots)
topo robots

My favorite item from the whole museum. What kid exactly would want to dress up as a rock for Halloween? If the label isn’t obvious, this is an Atari Asteroid costume.
Atari Asteroid costume

This is a great Vectrex stand that I’d love to get my hands on

Great collection of patches from Activision and others (sorry for the glare)

And, finally, a great box prototype for Return of the Jedi games for the Intellivision
Intellivision ROTJ


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11 thoughts on “Photos from the 2010 Classic Gaming Expo

  1. Beautiful, Vinvectrex, beautiful! I would have totally maxed out my credit card in that place so it might be for the best I wasn’t able to attend. I truly hope this shall not be the last expo…to be able to hear from the creators themselves if priceless. Did you take any video by chance?

  2. tcv says:

    I went to the Philly Classic one year and seeing all these images makes me want to get to another one. Man.

  3. vinvectrex says:

    I really did enjoy seeing some of the classic machines in person. I’d only ever seen them online before. VicSage – unfortunately, I didn’t get any video. But, for the developers speeches, I saw several folks videotaping – so I think they may end up posting the video on the Expo’s site. The nice part about the event was in addition to all the cool stuff, the people were all really nice. Must be something about retro fans that makes them fun to be around.

  4. Hot Pink Nation says:

    That is so awesome and I’m jealous! Those pics are awesome.

    Too bad those “Jedi” games never saw the light of day, but those mock-ups must be worth a ton to collectors (considering it still says “Revenge of the Jedi”)

  5. vinvectrex says:

    HotPink Nation – I didn’t even notice that it said “Revenge”. Great eye! I was actually really impressed that the collectors were kind enough to set up this mini museum with such valuable items.

  6. I remember that Vectrex stand from a display at Meijer back in the day, and had asked the manager if I could buy it when they weren’t using it anymore. He just laughed. I’m sure he took it home with him. Bastard.

  7. Coorhagon says:

    Is the philly classic still around? I went like 9 or 10 years ago and I want to go to another

  8. Roberto says:

    I almost have tears in my eyes…. BEAUTIFUL!!! I really hope they will keep arranging it and hopefully, someday, I’d be able to come over and join the fun!

  9. Wow, never saw this. The Atari 2700 prototype and portable is awesome to see. Ah, the Intellivision computer/keyboard add-on is fascinating. Throw the WHOLE console into the keyboard mechanism. Interesting.

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