Commodore 128 Unboxing

When she puts the 128 down behind her and I hear that thud — I cringe big time. They are well made machines, but c’mon. Otherwise a fun video.

(and yes I am still looking for a keyboard for my Commodore 128DCR)


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4 thoughts on “Commodore 128 Unboxing

  1. JF says:

    Oh my STARS that is SOOOOO awesome. Thanks SO much for posting…. But…. What in the smack is a teen bopper doing with a C128!!!! Found in the garage… Great Scott! I’m stunned, when I was her age it was the cutting edge. Beautiful case design, “hi res” text mode. Number pad! I hope she appreciates it, maybe she does.

    Brand new…. In 2010, I still cant get over it. Wow. Simply amazing.

    We need commodore to come back as an apple competitor, they had great design sense.

  2. Ugly American says:

    They do look mint but those boxes had been opened before because CBM boxes had stickers you had to break over the part that opens when they are new so that people couldn’t steal cables, etc out of the boxes in the store.

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