Victor Borge for Verbatim Diskettes??

The clown prince of classical music was already in his 70s when this ad was running. I wonder if he knew exactly what he was selling? Also, outside of his native Denmark and music comedy circles, did this increase sales of Verbatim?

verbatim borge ad

If you have no idea who Victor Borge is, check him out in action with Dean Martin doing one if his more famous routines.


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4 thoughts on “Victor Borge for Verbatim Diskettes??

  1. Victor Borge was a famous comedian / professional pianist. He would tour the country and had a very entertaining comedy routine and concert. I got to see him perform in concert ‘back in the day’.

  2. I would often catch his specials on PBS and he always made me laugh. Not sure if Verbatim made the right call with him as spokesman, although in retrospect…I think it was a great decision.

  3. Yeah, Verbatim did such great business back in those early PC days – I remember how many floppies of theirs I used for my Apple //c. That and Elephant Memory Systems – cool logo for that one.

  4. Ugly American says:

    I was partial to Fujifilm for 5.25. They weren’t advertised heavily in the US and could be bought in wholesale cases much cheaper than others despite the fact that they were a premium brand in Japan.

    Whoever supplied CBM was great too. I have PET disks from the 70s that still work after being used in a school for years.

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