World War I in Color on DVD

World War I has sadly become a nearly forgotten war. While people know about it, they are much more familiar with the sacrifices and heroics of World War II. Beyond my love of pop culture I am a bit of a history buff and have always been interested in The Great War, but I was always forced to read about it or watch older OR second rate documentaries. That is until I got my hands on a copy of World War I in Color on DVD. This multi-part documentary, which is masterfully narrated by Kenneth Branagh, takes footage of the War and meticulously colorizes it. Which to my surprise added a powerful new canvas that when artfully pieced together with stories and facts is nearly mesmerizing.

World War I in Color

The series aired in the UK a few years ago to much acclaim, but it took nearly 7 years for it to arrive on US shores. It was very much worth the wait. Not only is it engaging, thought provoking and educational to people interested in the subject, it is also polished enough to win over people with merely a casual interest in the subject.

The DVD box set has all 6 original episodes on 3 discs as well as some bonus content. The episodes are:

Episode 1: Catastrophe
On June 28, 1914, Serbian terrorists assassinated the heir to the Austrian throne. Within weeks, the Central Powers engaged the Triple Entente and their allies to begin the bloodiest, most far-reaching conflict the world had ever known.

Episode 2: Slaughter in the Trenches
For four long years on the western front, the Central and Allied Powers pummeled each other across hundreds of miles of trenches. The stalemate introduced a horrific new phrase into the war’s lexicon: “going over the top.”

Episode 3: Blood in the Air
Fighter planes, bombers, and primitive aircraft carriers opened the skies as a theatre of warfare for the first time in history. Aviation also created a new breed of lonely, romantic, and daring war hero: the ace.

Episode 4: Killers of the Sea
Instead of the anticipated bouts between heavyweight dreadnoughts, naval warfare settled into fighting by stealth. German U-boats preyed upon military and civilian targets, and smugglers attempted to run blockades by night.

Episode 5: Mayhem on the Eastern Front
Rapid advances, retreats, and counterattacks characterized the war on the eastern front. But when the Russian troops became dispirited and their country succumbed to revolution, Germany threatened to break the stalemate in the west.

Episode 6: Victory and Despair
American troops arrived to help the Allies repulse the German offensive and push deep into the Rhineland. But victory came at a high cost, and peace brought social, political, and economic upheaval all over Europe.

The bonus features include:
* A 50 feature on how new technology and strategy changed the war
* A making of Featurette
* Biographies of people associated with WWI
* A 12 page viewers guide

This is a great series about a subject that is fading from memory quickly. So if you are a history buff you should check out World War I in Color on DVD.

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