Meet the Computer Critters

Back in 1985, if you wanted high quality Computer Information, you didn’t need books or the Internet. You had Della, Hacker, Tabby, Stanley, Harold, Harriet and Foxworthy — better known collectively as the Computer Critters. Their purpose is solely to teach you about computers. So watch and most importantly learn.

Computers are not Toys

Input Device

Database Management Systems

Word Processing


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2 thoughts on “Meet the Computer Critters

  1. Drahken says:

    Darn, I was just about to do an article on these old PSAs. It’s a good thing I decided to do a search for some background info & had this turn up in the results.

    These were something that I had long forgotten, but the memories came flooding back as soon as I watched them again on youtube. I can remember seeing them back in the 80s & thinking “wow, latest tech is cool!”, yet now I see them & chuckle at how outdated the tech is (floppy disks, just a black screen with colored text, no windows nor even dark text on white backgrounds).

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