Are you Man Enough to Wear them?

From this early 70’s magazine ad comes what might possible be the worst named product on the planet, the “Hell Bent for Leather N’Lead Bracelets. (They Turn your Arm Power On! Really! OK, Maybe not….). This Product came from the mind of Fitness Guru Joe Weider, Founder of Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition, and publisher of most of the well known fitness magazines out there. He is also famous for his advertising in the early 70s featuring a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, like in this ad. Oh, and he was also investigated for some of the false claims he made about his products….like the claims he made about this product.

So let me get this straight…..I can lose weight…..with no exercise…simply by wearing these LEAD bracelets?!!?!? Where do I sign up?? Or maybe that dramatic weight loss is simply due to the lead poisoning…….

strong arms

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