Donkey Kong Arcade on 12 Different Platforms

The only ports you won’t find in this compilation are direct arcade/NES emulations (Donkey Kong 64, the original Animal Crossing, GBA (Classic NES series, in case you forgot its existence) and Virtual Console) and the MSX version. The Video is in 2 Parts. How many systems have you played Donkey Kong on?

Video 1 of 2

Video 2 of 2


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2 thoughts on “Donkey Kong Arcade on 12 Different Platforms

  1. vinvectrex says:

    This is a great comparison. I remember being wowed by the (at the time) amazing Colecovision translation – but only owning an Atari 2600. I really felt the Atari verson was Donkey Kong in name only – and really suffered from the system’s weaknesses. Now, seing all the different versions, it is fun to note that even the Colecovision version wasn’t perfect by any means.

  2. Hot Pink Nation says:

    That’s really cool to look at. Its funny how so many of them totally mangled the classic Donkey Kong gameplay. In some versions “Mario” is too fast, some too slow, some he jumps like he’s on the moon, and you just have to laugh at some of those hammer “animations”, LOL!

    Also most of those ports had the most grating noises and sounds, I don’t know how kids didn’t claw their eardrums out while playing their b*stard version of ‘Donkey Kong’ at home. I know if I had the Atari 7800 version I could turn up the volume on my home theater system and scare all the cats within a ten mile radius of my house. How irritating!

    And I didn’t realize how crappy the Intellivision’s DK was. “Zed Ex” Spectrum’s otherwise miserable version of Donkey Kong gets style points from Me for being comprised completely of the colors PINK, BLACK, and grey. All favored colors in the Hot Pink Nation.

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