Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers

Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers

Sing it with me

“Chi-chi-chi-chip and Dale (Rescue Rangers)
Chi-chi-chi-chip and Dale (When there’s danger)
No no it never fails once they’re involved
Somehow whatever’s wrong gets solved”

No I haven’t lost the plot at all. It’s just that every time I start this game that child-like excitement creeps back into my noggin. Then 20 minuets, or maybe quicker depending on what kind of pace I take, it subsides for another day as I finish the game. Yes this game is rather short and easy. But then again what do you expect for a game that is aimed for kids and based off a Disney cartoon? So all I will say on this matter is simply that if you’re after an “old-school” hard game then go for Mega Man. But don’t expect this game to give you any sort of challenge.

In the game you are pretty much able to pick up the majority of boxes and items. Then fling them mercilessly at your enemies, to which there is an abundance, and watch them fly off into the distance Team Rocket style. Also there is a great strategic use for the boxes in that if your hold down on the d-pad you will hide in it. And if an enemy happens to wonder into you while hiding, then the box takes the damage and kills the enemy while leaving you unharmed.
The controls are spot on for a platformer game. Everything feels tight and responsive with very little error coming from the characters. Meaning any mistakes do come from you. Jumping is lightning fast and incredibly precise. Throwing boxes can be done at an almost turbo button speed and means you can really dispatch those enemies effectively. Simply put, this game is nothing like Dragons Lair and is a perfect example of what happens when developers get things right.

Graphically this game is very much in the style of Capcom at the time with its Disney licenses. It’s bright, colourful, cartoony and very much fitting of both the era and franchise. The 8-bit rendition of the Chip and Dale theme tune is great and has me singing along to it every time. Although it has to be said that the music in game, while good, can be a little repetitive at times.

This game is just fun. It’s perfect for those rainy days where you just need that bit of a pick-me-up before going into another heavy session of Donkey Kong Classics. Or when you want to waste a bit of time while you wait for your friends to get over to your place for some beers.
Actually talking of friends. There is one feature I do want to kind of quickly go over while I am on this train of thought. The multiplayer side of the game. Or as I like to call it, “How to quickly and effectively annoy everyone in the room with some real life trolling”. Actually I may need to work on that title a little more.

This is one section of the game that I can’t work out if it’s a really good thing or a really terrible thing. Either way I tend to be the one that is laughing my backside off while my friends want to ram the NES pad down my throat. For you see in multiplayer not only can you pick up all the boxes etc, but you can also pick your friends character up and throw them too. And trust me there is no greater feeling in this world than picking up your friends character, running with him and then making him take the bullet as he hits an enemy, throw him down a pit or off the edge of a high place.

So some final thoughts on this game then.

We have established it’s fun. That it’s easy to complete and is perfect for wasting time when you’re bored and want a pick-me-up game. It’s got great controls. Its pretty good value for money as it can be found relatively cheap. It’s extremely kid friendly with not only the difficulty but also it’s bright graphics and cheerful music score. It’s also great for annoying the hell out of friends who will try to play the game properly while you do your best not to throw them down the closest insta-kill trap.

So as a final score I would give it a five out of five.

However my friends have told me that if I tried to submit this review with that score they will hog-tie me with the NES Advantage cord, and make me play Dr Jekyll and Mr Hide with my tongue. So as a compromise I have settled for four out of five.

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  1. This was a wonderful game and I think it and Duck Tales really just endeared me to the Disney afternoon lineup even more.

    Just goes to show you that a video game based on a cartoon can really be good.

  2. Hahaa! exactly! As a kid, instead of playing the game like you were supposed to I would goof around (imagine that) and pick up my friends character and throw him. He used to get soooo mad! Good times…

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