The McDonald’s Menu Song (1988)

The audio of this was given away as a promo item on a flexidisc record, and it became a popular meme for us schoolkids to memorize, which was, at the time, an accurate recitation of the entire McDonald’s menu.

Brian Boone

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2 thoughts on “The McDonald’s Menu Song (1988)

  1. The saddest part of this? I still remember the song. Word for word. I haven’t even played the video you linked yet, so it’ll be the first time I’ve heard it in 22 years, but I still remember the bloody song. How sad am I that I’m living proof that gimmick advertising works? And it works really well?

    I used to try to say it all in one breath. I also remember kids in middle school paying me to recite it. My misspent youth.

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