A Trip to the 1984 Arcade in Springfield, Missouri

If you hang out in the Retroist Forums you have probably seen that VicSage recently took a trip to the very retro 1984 Arcade. I wish I was closer to Springfield, because as you can see from these amazing pictures, the arcade is a well-maintained throwback. If you are lucky enough to be within range of this gem, please head to it this weekend.


Searching through the alleys for useful knowledge in the city of Nostalgia. Huge cinema fanatic and sometimes carrier of the flame for the weirding ways of 80s gaming, toys, and television. When his wife lets him he is quite happy sitting in the corner eating buckets of beef jerky.

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  1. holy crap i am in kansas city, mo only a couple hours away. have never heard of this place! gonna have to road trip there!

  2. Indeed, Retroist!

    Make sure to tell ’em that we are talking them up. :)

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