Star Wars Cereal Boxes to be Given Out at Star Wars Celebration V

In addition to all the other cool Star Wars fandom and news people will be soaking up in the Florida heat this August, the first 400 fans at the event will receive Star Wars themed cereal boxes. At least 7 box variations will be available, all of them are sure to be instant collector’s items.

star wars cereal

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Atari Adventure Square

Some days you wake up with your trusty sword right next to you.

Other days the keys are locked in the castle.

But the next day is just a reset switch away.

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2 thoughts on “Star Wars Cereal Boxes to be Given Out at Star Wars Celebration V

  1. vinvectrex says:

    While I’m a big fan of the Admiral, that looks like it could be a fish flavored cereal. Then again, I guess that most cereals aren’t made up of their mascots. Trix isn’t comprised of little rabbits. Either way, I’m on board for Count Dookula.

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