New C64/128 Game Silo64 Now Available

Silo 64 is a brand new two player, simultaneous, action shooter extravaganza for the Commodore 64/128 personal computer!

silo 64

The Earth has been destroyed by nuclear armageddon. Your family, as well as other families in your home town, took refuge in the local underground fallout shelter, Silo 64. Only your trusty robo-companion is all that’s left of your life before the blast. All your rations and supplies have been depleted. There’s just one thing left to do…

Venture out, and seek your fortune in the wasteland!

Sounds like good retro gaming fun right? It promises to be, so drop by their website, check out the game and the very cool soundtrack and then pick yourself up a copy.

Visit the Official Silo64 Site


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One thought on “New C64/128 Game Silo64 Now Available

  1. thebill1979 says:

    That sounds fantastic. Kinda like a game that would have inspired the original Fallout games. Sadly, I do not currently own a functioning C64. Perhaps it’s time to consult with Ebay…..

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