Pac-Man Birthday Cake from 1983

I think that looks like glasses of orange Hi-C, but I cannot make out which novelty glasses those are…can anyone tell?

pac-man birthday cake 1983

[via] Flickr


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9 thoughts on “Pac-Man Birthday Cake from 1983

  1. tcv says:

    Ah what they heck, I’ll take a stab at it.

    Looking at the glass on the far right, I _think_ we’re seeing R2D2 from the front. I see a triangular foot and a dome-shaped top.

    Also: I think I see the general shape of a Burger King logo on the glass directly in front of the birthday boy.

    Hmmm… They don’t seem to be the glasses from Empire Strikes Back based on images I can find online…

  2. tcv says:

    The more I look at the glasses, the more I think the rear line-drawing is R2D2. If you look at the line-drawing on the back of the glass closest to the birthday boy, I am fairly certain I see R2’s MIDDLE foot at the bottom. So many images online of these glasses don’t show the rears.

  3. Brian Boone says:

    I would like to time travel to here please, and drink Hi-C out of novelty glasses. Also, the birthday boy is totally Mr. The Retroist himself. I just feel it.

  4. I guess they were already “vintage” for the time. They look to be the New Hope glasses. I am thinking the ones on the right look like the best candidates (but the R2 in these are red and the one in the pic looks white):

  5. tcv says:

    Well, you may be right. Looking at the Chewbacca glass, you can see a line-drawing of what looks like R2’s dome directly to the upper-left Chewbacca’s head. Also: the planet peeking out from the right of Chewbacca’s head could be cut in such a way as to look like the glass on the far right in the original picture. It’s just that image on the far-right glass in the original photo doesn’t really look like Luke’s head. It’s possible that there is another image to the lower right of Luke’s head on the Chewbacca glass.

  6. I’m pretty sure it’s the Chewbacca glass that The Retroist shows on the far right. In the pic below you can see the same glass from two angles. The R2D2 back is definitely a match to the vintage snap.

  7. Would also like to add, not sure how I overlooked this, but the kid in the Giants shirt is wearing Brad Van Pelt’s number. One of my favorite football players back in the 1980s.

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