Nothing Like a Cold Coke on a Hot Summer’s Day

Summer is in full swing here and it is hot and muggy both day and night. Lucky for me I have a place I can buy coke in glass bottles and a large cold refrigerator in which to store them. If you got the goldfish crackers stop on by and we can drink a few in air-conditioned comfort while watching Night Gallery and original Star Trek while the sun goes down.

1970 Coke Ad


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2 thoughts on “Nothing Like a Cold Coke on a Hot Summer’s Day

  1. It really bothers me that Coke today (and I LOVE Coke) still claims to be the “original” formula. Last time I checked, corn syrup was introduced in the 80’s into sodas. Pretty sure the TRUE original formula was made from cane sugar.
    So really I think we should be able to sue for false advertisement.
    But yes I agree, a ice cold Coke still rocks on a super hot day.

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