I Found my VIC20 RF Modulator!!!

Great day! I was digging through a box of old toys and found something I have been looking to find for over a year, my VIC20 RF Modulator. Aren’t you all happy for me?

VIC20 RF Modulator


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5 thoughts on “I Found my VIC20 RF Modulator!!!

  1. How much stuff do you have where you lose something like this, to someday and I quote “been looking to find for over a year”?
    Jack Nicholson in Batman said it best “This town needs an enema.” But take out town and insert your stuff. Really need a major cleaning dude.
    But hey grats on finding this piece of video game/computer history.

  2. Ad it works. Need to clean some connectors, but I got the first fizzy glimpse of my VIC 20 alive.

    and yes, I need to clean out some more stuff.

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