Rare 1983 Williams Joust Head-to-Head Pinball Machine at Auction

In all my years I have never seen one of these Joust head to head pinball machines in person. They are rare and this one looks like it is in pretty good condition, so it would make a great addition to any collection. Why aren’t there more head to head pinball machines?? This looks fun!


Rare 1983 Williams Joust Pinball at Auction with Pictures [@] eBay


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2 thoughts on “Rare 1983 Williams Joust Head-to-Head Pinball Machine at Auction

  1. Travler says:

    Most people haven’t seen one of these since there were only 402 of them made. I was fortunate enough to play one of these in 1984 due to a local arcade having one. And, yes, it was a BLAST! Apparently, one sold on eBay during the summer of 2010 for around $3000.

    I think the reason it didn’t catch on is that arcade owners had a hard time physically placing a machine where two people had to stand facing each other.

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