The Young Astronauts

I was not a big CBS Saturday Morning kind of guy, other than Muppet Babies and Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, but this comic book ad is tremendous, both for Hulk Hogan’s near-naked presence and for the touting of the new show The Young Astronauts. You probably don’t remember that show, because it never actually aired. Pushed to mid-season and scheduled to debut in early 1986, CBS pulled it in the wake of the Challenger shuttle explosion.

Not much is known about The Young Astronauts. Supposedly it was set in the 21st century and in the first episode, a young character is a stowaway on the Space Shuttle. Where it goes from there is unclear.

The show has never been released and to this day, nothing remains accept a now famous comic book ad and other tie-ins and mentions of the NASA’s actual Young Astronauts program.

Comic Book ad featuring the Young Astronauts

While we don’t know exactly what the cartoon would have looked like, I did find a single animated cell posted online.

While I might not know what this show is about. What I do know is that if the show had been released and they made toys for it. I would have wanted that robot.

young astronauts

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