Rare 1980 Star Wars’ “Empire Hotline” Recordings Discovered

darth phone

Before Empire Strikes Back his theaters, you can imagine the buzz that surrounded the sequel. The first Star Wars was a genuine phenomenon and people were very exciting. Back then you did not have this wonderful internet to feed you constant spoilers and leaked photos from the set, so you needed to go by word of mouth or through official studio stuff. One of the clever ideas that the folks behind Star Wars had come up with was the “Empire Hotline”. You could call into a phone number and hear a recording of you favorite Star Wars characters giving some details about the upcoming film. It was clever marketing for the time and is well remembered by many, but up until now the recordings had not been available.

Well now thanks to the hard working people at Star Wars.com you can hear these long lost recordings and if you stop by the site, you can read the full story on this interesting bit of Star Wars and creative marketing history.

1. Listen to Darth Vader on the Empire Hotlinee

2. Listen to Han on the Empire Hotline

3. Listen to C3P0 on the Empire Hotline

4. Listen to Leia on the Empire Hotline

5. Listen to Luke on the Empire Hotline


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