Butter Rum Life Savers Ad

I never really enjoyed the Butter Rum Life Savers. They just always tasted a little off. This ad though is fairly spectacular.

butter rum lifesavers ad


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4 thoughts on “Butter Rum Life Savers Ad

  1. Durandal says:

    Oh, man, Butter Rum was by far my favorite Lifesavers flavor. Hadn’t thought about them in years. Decades, maybe. Awesome.

  2. Hot Pink Nation says:

    One as a kid my father gave me a roll of these instead of the regular fruit ‘Savers. I’m not sure if it was a conscious decision to introduce me to something new or if the poor guy just grabbed the wrong colored roll, but once I had them I liked them.

    I didn’t understand why it was “Butter Rum” and not “Butterscotch” (which it basically is) but if you like the taste of butterscotch then these are some good Life Savers.

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