8-bit paradise wallpaper

8-bit Paradise Wallpaper

Nothing like sitting in the shade of a pixelated palm tree under a clear #3333cc sky. Usually when I put together these wallpapers, I like to choose a specific game or 8-bit character to work from. But it has been so rainy lately that I wanted something a little brighter. So welcome to my 8-bit Paradise.

8-bit Paradise doesn’t exist in the real world, but I would like to believe it is out there somewhere. As the vacation spot for all my favorite 8-bit characters. After a long year of chomping ghosts or throwing barrels, they also need a place that they can relax. Can you think of a nicer place than a quiet pixelated tropical island? Not a lot of trees here, but their square leaves get the job done. You can hang your 16-bit hammock up between two of them and catch 8-bit coconuts to snack on.

How is the water? For me, cool and comfortable. Is it too warm for you? Well that is easy to change. Just shift the hex value of the water to something a little chillier.

If you like this wallpaper, I have made many more like it. Just navigate to the Wallpaper category here on the site. If you like the 8-bit Paradise Wallpaper, click here for the full-sized version.


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