Cheerios? Powerful Good!

People need to use the phrase “powerful good” more often.

cheerios are powerfu good


Garry Vander Voort

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4 thoughts on “Cheerios? Powerful Good!

  1. VicSage2005 says:

    You may be right about that phrase, Retroist, but am I the only one that thinks this looks like a before picture for Children of the Corn?

  2. OffisaPups says:

    Why are there 4 words in this add that are broken up on different lines with hyphens in this one ad? Did they not have time for proper spacing or design layout? Also, how high is the things the swings attached too?

  3. Hot Pink Nation says:

    “People need to use the phrase “powerful good” more often.”

    What?! No they don’t! I don’t even think that’s proper grammar. Why don’t they just replace that dumb phrase with another one like “Wicked Awesome”

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