“Two on a Guillotine” on DVD

Twenty years ago, a little accident with a guillotine trick left magician Duke Duquesne’s wife and on-stage assistant without a head…and their baby daughter Cassie without a mother. Now The Great Duquesne may have another trick up his sleeve. He dies, leaving Cassie a sizeable inheritance if she’ll spend seven nights in his spooky mansion. With a fearless young reporter at her side, Cassie braves terrors that could be the work of evil spirits. Or are they illusions dreamed up by Cassie’s dear, demented dad? Connie Stevens, Dean Jones (in his pre-The Love Bug days) and Cesar Romero star in a creepy horrorfest that offers fans scares, screams, a return of that guillotine and Max (Gone with the Wind) Steiner’s penultimate score.

Two On A Guillotine

Horror movies have a very special effect on people. Even before you see them, the germ of what they are can take root in your mind and continue to grow. Maybe it is because the genre is easy to understand or maybe people are just morbid, but a good or even bad horror film can take on a life of its own in the mind of a viewer that has never seen it. Now I have seen people talk about films with complete conviction, sure that they had seen it, when it was obvious to me that they had not. I am guilty of this as well. But what if when you see the movie it is not as good as you “remembered?” Well only one way to find out. With that in mind I picked up a copy of the cult classic, “Two on a Guillotine” on DVD.

I could have sworn I saw this before, but from the start I realized I did not. No way I would forget a horror film with Dean Jones from the Love Bug and Ugly Dachshund in it. The movie, as you can read in the synopsis has a “you need to spend time in my house to collect my inheritance” plot. Even though that is tired plot device they manage to pull it off with remarkable aplomb. No doubt this is aided by the stellar cast of Stevens, Jones and Romero, but the direction, music and cinematography are all pitch perfect. All in all Two on a Guillotine is a more than worth addition to my movie collection and I see myself watching it again for this year’s Halloween Movie Madness.

I will say again. This is why I love the Warner Archive. Here you have a cult favorite that is getting no love, but with the direct service of the Archive, you can have it in your hot hand within the week.

Two on a Guillotine [@] The Warner Archive

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  1. No doubt about it, Retroist. I truly need to take a bit of time and look at this service because I’ve never heard of this movie before…and for a horror buff that makes me feel bad. :)

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