Remco’s Amazing Energized Spider-Man

Another cool looking toy I never had…

remco amazing energized spider-man


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6 thoughts on “Remco’s Amazing Energized Spider-Man

  1. Doug says:

    It was real heavy too, I think, real solid. And yeah, it didn’t move, but the web action and the light made up for that.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I had this for a short while. I think my folks brought it back to the store cuz it really didn’t do much of anything.
    I much prefered my Mego Spidey and his movable limbs, anyway.

    And why would Spidey need a copter?
    (yeah, I know it was possible for him to run out of web fluid. But still..)

    Maybe I’m just cynical cuz I didn’t get to keep him :(

  3. Mag says:

    Love these. I have all but the Hulk and Spiderman computer console. Most I have had since the 70’s-80’s

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