Showtime Shorts Intro

In the 1980s if you were lucky enough to have Showtime you were probably familiar to this intro piece from “Showtime Shorts”. I miss the wild-west style of early 1980s cable TV sometimes.


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16 thoughts on “Showtime Shorts Intro

  1. Amen to that sentiment, Retroist.

    I didn’t have Showtime as a youth, was this just a collection of foreign animated/short films?

  2. Ryan says:

    Does anyone know the name of this theme music or where it can be heard in its entirety? It was also used in some local TV markets as a news theme song or bumper in the late 70s and early 80s. I’ve heard it from time to time and have searched for years to find more information.

  3. Brian says:

    I remember a showtime short animated, about a little bald man obsessed with Sex, he was looking at women on the bus, the store, everywhere, and then went home to his wife.
    Anyone know the name of this or where to find? It was a classic.

  4. Jim says:

    Looking for a showtime short that had a woman cooking and dancing in the kitchen dressed in a short skirt and cowboy had with pistols,,,very funny

  5. Andy says:

    Any information on a western animation on Showtime back in the early 80’s? Only music and animation no dialog. Like a surreal or abstract take on the old west gunfight.

  6. dulasiri says:

    I’ve been looking forever for a S.T.S. that is about a world where it always rains except for just a few minutes every now and then and a girl accidentally gets locked in a closet when one happens and All the kids run out o pick flowers… know it? I’d love to see it against, even to know the name of it! Thanks!

  7. tlamke says:

    In search of a 80’s Showtime Short ….. where when you were born you started with a certain number of credits and you used a credit type card to use your credits and when your credits were gone you would fall over dead. I am trying to figure out the name and if it is on the world wide web anywhere.
    Thanks for your help.

  8. Ringthane says:

    I’m looking for a Showtime Short where a homeless man with a dog suddenly gets a ton of money and then leaves his dog behind to be with his money. Man later loses all his money and misses his dog, returns to where he left the dog, and the dog runs to him.

  9. I am looking for a showtime short (I think it was a short) where a Spanish housekeeper was hired by a family and became friends with the little boy. The mom got jealous over the friendship and fired her. I can remember the boy had a broken leg and they had a swimming pool. I think it was called “The New Maid.”

  10. Guy says:

    I totally remember Showtime Shorts! Hardware Wars! Early cable was awesome! Remeber Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video? But let’s see if anyone remembers this really twisted low-budget slasher movie from the late 80’s… It seemed like it was made-for-cable, unknown actors… some guys and girls, one of the the girls inherits a multi-floor city building from her uncle, they stay the night, get trapped and start getting killed off by some freak living behind the walls (not Bad Ronald)… turns out that the uncle ran a really perved-out S&M sex club with some runaway street kid growing up in this environment and now he’s this tranny leather gimp slasher killing them off… It was like a cross between Bad Ronald and Sleepaway Camp… Too dark to be shown in theaters, probably never even made to VHS, but unforgettable in a disturbing way.

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