Commodore VIC 20 Ads Made me Drool

It is hard to believe that I could just sit and stare at an ad this simple for hours when I was a kid, but these simple text and pic ads had me drooling for a VIC 20. When one showed up under the Christmas tree, I hooked it up to the TV in the living room and probably didn’t leave the 5 foot area in front of it for 2 months.

commodore vic20 ad


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5 thoughts on “Commodore VIC 20 Ads Made me Drool

  1. VicSage2005 says:

    Peachy, sir, how dare you impugn the good name of the Commodore 64! ;)

    I remember being taught on these in Junior High…we thought they were the cutting edge of technology back in the day. Of course I knew of some schools that the business classes had the Commodore Pet to learn on. At least we had Raid on Fort Knox to play when the teacher wasn’t looking.

  2. Ugly American says:

    I never cared for the Vic 20.

    It wasn’t PET compatible and it was beat in every other way except cost by the Ataris that had come out years before.

  3. JF says:

    “Writing a BASIC Program on your VIC20 that crashes because you hit the 20K limit = Priceless”

    That’s one of my claims to fame.

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