Pepsi Throwback Returns to Shelves July 31 for 5 Weeks

Great News soda pop fans. The wildly popular Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback are coming back to stores for a limited time starting on July 31 for a mere 5 weeks. As in the past, coverage is spotty, so if your local store carries it, try and confirm they will have it again so that you have a steady supply. Oh and as always STOCK UP. This is the good stuff.

pepsi throwback

via Bev Review


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10 thoughts on “Pepsi Throwback Returns to Shelves July 31 for 5 Weeks

  1. Brian Boone says:

    Man, I’m a sucker for this. Can’t tell if it’s because of the packaging or the brain melting sweetness. Retroist, how is the Dew?

  2. A very nice citrus blend. I actually think it tasted different on the Second Throwback which I preferred. Much less biting then regular Dew to me.

  3. Rob says:

    The Throwback Dew is very good, not as sickeningly sweet as the regular Dew. But Heritage Dr Pepper has been my favorite of the retro pack. Are there any reports or rumors regarding a comeback for it?

  4. Kyle Maloney says:

    Hope I can actually find it this time around. The first run I didn’t have as much trouble finding it, but the last run I only found a handful.

    The store locator wasn’t much help for me either.

  5. Ian Valles says:

    I think its been more than 5 weeks and there still running a strong supply of them.I like the pepsi throwback better than all of them.

  6. Yeah, I noticed my Supermarket has yet to run out (so I keep buying it). I think it would sell better if the put it with the regular Pepsi, instead of by itself, but I am not complaining since that means more for me.

  7. OffisaPups says:

    Though it is not a throwback, the Sierra Mist Natural which uses real sugar is tasty and I think it is sticking around. None of it’s packaging says limited time like all the other ones.

    Now if only we can get Coke throwback with real sugar.

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