Beautiful Commodore 64 Art Print by James White

This piece by James White beautifully captures the hope, promise and sense of wonder that the Commodore 64 embodied for millions of computer users. If you are a Commodore nut or just need an interesting conversation starter you might want to think about picking one up today at the Signalnoise Store. The piece is hand signed and measures 18” x 24” on high quality digital print on white tone semi-gloss poster stock. According to the Artist:

Anyone who had a Commodore 64 with a shoebox full of floppy discs with 1000 illegitimate games knows what this one is about.

I’ve been sizing up old Commodore ads for a while now and really wanted to do a piece showcasing the system and it’s many rainy Sunday afternoons spent playing Impossible Mission, Jumpman and Rambo.

commodore 64 print


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