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I had a couple of core friends who I hung around with in the mid-1980s. Three of us were inseparable, but we always had a rotating 4th, so when we went into the Loew’s 4 Plex near our house and spotted the 4-player Gauntlet, our jaws nearly dropped to the floor. We used all our popcorn and candy money on it and missed the first 15 minutes of Explorers. So worth it.

gauntlet arcade ad

If you were wondering which character I played it was Thor the Warrior…and I usually needed food badly.


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4 thoughts on “Gauntlet Arcade Ad

  1. VicSage2005 says:

    Many, many, many great memories of playing this game. This was one of those arcade games at our local Showbiz Pizza that you had to place your quarter on the rim of the monitor to secure you place in line.

    I always chose Questor, Retroist, how about everyone else?

  2. mporcius says:

    I think I was usually the Valkyrie, because I thought it was a good mix of all the attributes (speed, attack damage, armor, etc.)

    My brother and I played the Nintendo or Super Nintendo (I can’t remember) version of Gauntlet to death; some of the maze levels got pretty tedious.

  3. OffisaPups says:

    I never played this one in the arcade, only for home systems. Odd note, look at the buttons. The joystick is on the right, buttons on the left. Usually it’s the revsere, joystick with the left hand, buttons with the right hand. Also, hated multi player games where two players had to play at an awkward angle, poor Thor and Questor players. The X-Men six player beat’em up also had that problem of poor vision angles for some players.

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