Who are Mystery Vintage?

I am pretty sure this is be played for laughs, but Mystery Vintage might be one of the most retro “bands” you will see on the web today. Not sure who this guy is, but he is creating a neat little world around Mystery Vintage. According to their site we should:

Imagine a world,
Where the 1980’s would have never stopped from giving us the best music and sound experiences of all times…
In this surrounding galaxy of sonic love sharing, the Mystery Vintage are the direct heirs to the legacy left by the gods themselves. Yes, from up and beyond, Duran Duran, Wham, the B-52’s and many others are looking down right now… And without a doubt, they are listening to their three prodigal sons: Don, Ralph and Brandon.

Giving their best moves and most advanced keyboard lines, the Mystery Vintage are rising and repainting the music industry!
Yet, no album has been released. It is the greatest loss for the artistic culture and patrimony. Patience, because the stars are coming into position…

Now enjoy their first single, Back in Time:


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