Cabbage Patch Kids: Picture Show

Cabbage Patch Kids: Picture Show was not really a video game, but was more of an animation toy. Instead this program for the Coleco Adam allows you to paint, play with your Cabbage Patch Kids as puppets and make animated movies. This allows the target market for this game (kids) to tell their own stories and record them and play them back for the entire family to “enjoy”. Sadly because of tech limits you could only have one movie recorded at a time. So when you turn off your Adam, everything you did disappeared. Oddly enough they managed to include a 2 player mode for the game, where while player painted and the other one placed props. Not the greatest title, but interesting for its time and a decent attempt by Coleco to try and capitalize on the success of their Cabbage Patch Dolls on their flailing psuedo-computer.

Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show


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