Commercial for Blaster Tag

I love locally made commercials when I can find them. This was for Blaster Tag : The Ultimate Lazer Game and it is all kinds of great. Anyone up for a few round? Meet me at the Essex Shopping Center.


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2 thoughts on “Commercial for Blaster Tag

  1. VicSage2005 says:

    Quick! Someone give them a call and let them know we will need to rent out the entire center.

    I wonder what is up with that “With its own space gravity” bit?

  2. OffisaPups says:

    Based on my experience with Lazer tag places and Photon centers, I think “it’s own space gravity” means fog machine, strobes, black light and very bored teenager acting as game marshal who is spending most of his time waiting for his shift to end to make out with his girlfriend. But that could just be my take.

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