The Compleat Al

The Compleat Al is a direct-to-video mockumentary about the life of “Weird Al” Yankovic, from his birth to 1985. It was partially written by Yankovic and directed by Jay Levey. The title of the film is parody of the 80’s documentary The Compleat Beatles. Although it is a mockumentary, it is roughly based on Yankovic’s real life. For example, Yankovic was raised in Lynwood, California, and has a degree in architecture. His real-life parents appear in the mockumentary, as does a picture of his real-life childhood house. Because of the mixture of Yankovic’s real life and fiction, many of the film’s fabricated information was accepted by fans as real, such as Yankovic being born in a Saint Vitus hospital (Saint Vitus is the Catholic patron saint of comedy), or the film’s pun which claimed his birth in an elevator signified his “rise to the top”.


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One thought on “The Compleat Al

  1. Jason K. says:

    Holy cow, my friends and I use to go down to the little neighborhood video store and rent this tape all the time…I must have seen if a hundred times. It actually got to the point where my parents were like “Really? You want to get that again?” I’m pretty sure the employee at the video store was thinking the same thing. But, the store eventually closed, and I was never able to find a copy of this after that. I thought it was gone forever.

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