Iron Man – The Complete 1994 Animated Series on DVD

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As we enter the second decade of the new millennium we are awash in Avengers titles in the theater. Iron Man II just hit theaters and it probably on its way to making a quadrillion dollars. But take a step back in time, say to the mid-1990s and you will see that the landscape was different. We didn’t have access to any of Marvel’s “Avengers” characters. Now I like the X-mean, but I was always more of an Avengers character reader so when Iron Man the Animated Series premiered, I was all over it.

Now this series is not the high class strict cannon version I had hoped, but it was a fun diversion filled with unexpected characters. Sure the War Machine makes sense, but you also have The Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Spider-Woman and even the forgettable Century. I watched this show religiously even as I winced at the cheesy opening that has a mulleted Stark hammering away shirtless with a power assisted hammer, while a psuedo heavy metal rift assaults our sense. It is a confusing treat for the eyes and the ears.

I am not saying this is a definitive must own collection for fans, but I am tell you it is, especially in retrospect, very watchable. If you need an extended Iron Man fix after watching the movie, pick up your copy today.

Marvel Iron Man: The Complete Animated Series – 3-Disc DVD [@] Amazon


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