Star Trek the Motion Picture Ad

When this ad started showing up in comic books, I cannot tell you how giddy I got.

star trek the motion picture ad


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7 thoughts on “Star Trek the Motion Picture Ad

  1. This is a fantastic image. Note the pre-production version of the ship. I think this is the original, proposed version they had to scrap and rebuild during production.

  2. Great question. I grew up watching the Original Series in reruns and had never seen new Trek. When the movie came out, I was so overcome with joy that I could find no flaws with it (I was young). I saw it 2x in theaters and raved about it to everyone. No one else was buying it though and my friends who never watched ST, but has been exposed to SW were not happy with my recommendation.

    In retrospect, I like other films in the series a lot better, but it still makes me smile thinking and knowing that original crew were returning in some form.

  3. tcv says:

    Star Trek: The Motion Stopped.

    Seriously, though, there was a recut issued on DVD in 2000 (I believe) that is a better watch. Personally, I loved the film. Of course, by that time, had you put all the Trek characters and actors in some kind of scat film I would’ve watched that, too.

  4. vinvectrex says:

    This ad really brings me back. I wasn’t much of a comic book enthusiast, but I recall the first time I saw this. And, while I didn’t love the movie, I love the possibility and the grandeur that this ad suggests.

  5. mporcius says:

    Like science fiction artist Stephen Fabian, I consider myself a science fiction fan, but have never been able to get into Star Trek, and kind of wish I could, as so many people seem to get so much pleasure out of it.

    (Science fiction nerds should check out Fabian’s website for his illustrations of books by Jack Vance, Brian Lumley, Robert Howard, Robert Silverberg, and many others, and his amusing stories of what it is like being an artist working in the SF and RPG fields.)

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