Lazer Pro 9000

1997 was the the year Lewis Galoob Toys, the predecessor-in-interest to Hasbro, made their foray into the extreme-sport toy market with the spaceship-shaped action
laser tag game gun known today as Lazer Pro 9000. During most of the late 1990s, laser-tag game guns were billed as the highly acclaimed, technologically advanced extreme sporting goods of the future. The Lazer Pro 9000 demonstrated its ability to fire beams of laser light at the opponent. By pulling the trigger, a steady beam of laser light hit the opponent with ease, allowing the challenger to shoot as many streams of light as fast as anyone could say “I won!” to any member of their family.

Lazer Pro 9000

Galoob’s Lazer Pro 9000 came complete with two action laser tag game guns, together with the step-by-step instruction and rules guide. It was available in leading discount, toy and variety stores from 1997 to 2000, then Hasbro acquired Galoob.

Before Lazer Pro 9000 was launched, Hasbro inherited another action laser tag game brand that has long been available in retail outlets through the years since its introduction in 1986: Lazer Tag. With Lazer Tag and Lazer Pro 9000 now under the Hasbro umbrella, the technology continued to grow and now laser-tag gaming is arguably the most technologically advanced extreme sport, that you will find at your local amusement halls or arcades (do arcades still exist?)

Today, laser tag continues to be enjoyed by audiences throughout the world and sales of action laser tag game guns continue to build at the same speed and velocity as other extreme sports (skateboarding, surfing, kart racing, etc.). So pick up your gun and start shooting today.

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