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As I go about my day, eating food, working or watching TV, there is always this nagging feeling that I am missing something. Usually I am at a loss to explain what that missing element of my experience is, but no more. Last night I watched Steel starring Shaq and it became very obvious that the thing that is, Shaq. Shaq takes the mundane and the problematic and unwatchable and makes it watchable just by the addition of his charisma or as i like to call it Shaq-risma. Chicken boring? Shaq it! Doing laundry a bore? Shaq it out!

If you have seen Steel, you probably just need to know that it is now available through the Warner Archive so that you can pick it up. If you have not seen it, here is what you need to know. This is a train wreck of a movie, but it takes itself so seriously and it is so cloyingly Shaqcentric that it is nearly impossible to look away.

So if you need a superhero fix before the premier of Iron Man 2. Why not check out Shaq as he play a metallurgist named John Henry Irons (yes!) who becomes a Super Hero name Steel (yes!!). Watch it with friends — You will be so happy you did.


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