LaserDisc Players … Wave of the future?

This is a 1992 clip from a WGRZ-TV Buffalo newscast. It asks the burning questions of the early 1990s, “Is it a good idea to buy a laser disc player?”


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One thought on “LaserDisc Players … Wave of the future?

  1. Doug says:

    We had one back in the 80’s. It was a huge clunky machine, not like the sleeker ones of the 90’s. The most annoying thing was that you had to flip the discs over to watch the whole movie (much like the multi-disc games for Sony Playstation). I still have my Empire Strikes Back LD somewhere. We bought it on LD at the time because the VHS could only be bought for the rental price, which was something ridiculous like $90. The LD was much more sensible at around $30-$40.

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