Ad for Ghostbusters on the Commodore 64

I logged a lot of hours on this game.

ghostbusters c64 ad


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7 thoughts on “Ad for Ghostbusters on the Commodore 64

  1. David Crane really hit it out of the park on this Ghostbuster sim. I too played many, many, many hours on my C-64 just grooving to the GB’s midi. :)

  2. Brian K. says:

    This looks similar to the Sega Master System version which was IMPOSSIBLE without cheat codes (which Sega would kindly mail you for free back in the day).

  3. Ugly American says:

    I still remember the first night playing this and thinking: the sun’s up already?

  4. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Oh man, I had so much fun with this game. Couldn’t believe how accurate the theme song and bouncing ball intro was with the movie. Great music, graphics, sense of humor.
    Possibly the most fun I had with my C64. Though Spare Change came a close second.

  5. Unfortunately I never got to play this game. The only Ghostbusters game I’ve played is the 2009 one. I didn’t know David Crane designed this game. Now I want to play it even more.

    I also love how retro games gave credit to the designer on the packaging. You don’t see that today. Today’s games are all made by committee.

  6. Ugly American says:

    Activision was started by people who were sick of the big company mentality. They felt that the people who made a game deserved credit ‘like rock stars’ (from an interview back in the day) but most companies from Atari to Apple do just the reverse, using people for their entire career and never giving them any credit. Consider what Phillips/Magnavox did to Ed Averett. He wrote 24 of the published games for the Odyssey2 and they never game him credit in public. Once upon a time even EA was run by people who considered themselves artists and the everyone’s names were on the outside of the box for the world to see.

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