The Stream of Concious-ness – The journal of a twelve year old boy

I just stumbled across this site the other day and already I am hooked. The author, Bill Davenport, has posted excerpts from his journal when he was 12 years old, back in 1975. The posts are mostly inane, but they really take me back to my own youth. Kind of makes me wish I had kept a diary when I was a kid. Here is an excerpt from May 6th 1975:

today when I got home I ate a cinnamon roll and I went out to check my garden. I found I had six pea plants and the same old summer squash. I watered my garden because it looked like it needed it: and wouldn’t you know it, we had a good rain this afternoon and then my plants had too much water. this afternoon I planted one of the pussywillows. I had an ingenious idea for doing it. I dug a hole and put in a plastic liner. I filled the hole up with dirt again and put my pussywillow in it. then I used the hose to make a dryish mud all around the plant. I think it will work.
this evening I finished my story with dialogue.

I only wish that it was still being updated…

The Stream of Concious-ness – The journal of a twelve year old boy


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