Tomy’s Most Impressive Handheld, “Tron”

My cousin seemed to obsessively collect handhelds so it was a treat to visit him when we were young. The finest game he ever had was Tomy’s Tron. To this day I consider it one of the most impressive handheld games I had the honor to play in the 1980s. Based on the Bally/Midway Tron game, the handheld had multiple play modes, each of them offering a unique challenge. The thing also looked amazing. It has great blue and white accents with a smoky plastic body that allowed you to peer inside the game. It was like so many great Tomy games … very well thought out. Take a look…

Here are some video of the various modes:

Tomy’s Handheld Tron Light Bike Stage

Tomy’s Handheld Tron Ring Stage

Tomy’s Handheld Tron MCP Stage


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