Dinosaurs Attack! Trading Cards

What happens when you combine the late 80’s card collecting craze with dinosaurs and gore? You get “Dinosaurs Attack!” Released in 1988 by the Topps company, this gruesome little 65 card set (55 card, 10 sticker cards) featured dinosaurs thrust into modern day and going on a bloody rampage around the word. The gist of the plot is that some sort of science project goes terribly wrong and these prehistoric beats and flung to the present and boy, are they hungry. Ok so that’s the entire plot but who needs plot when you have blood, guts and T-Rexes? Many of these cards feature an illustration on the front with a fake newspaper on the back giving a little more detail to the image on the front.

It’s important for the nerd in me to point out that the artist took some liberties with the science facts about dinosaurs. Some herbivore dinos are depicted as meat eaters while other are depicted grossly lager then that actually were. Ehhh, why let a few facts get in the way of your drawing of a Stegosaurus munching on a police officer?

Something seem familiar about that name? Well these cards are the successor to the 1962 Topps card sent “Mars Attacks!” which was the inspiration behind the 1996 movie “Mars Attacks!.” In fact, a unconfirmed rumor I have found stated that Tim Burton, who directed “Mars Attacks!” was originally was supposed to do a “Dinosaurs Attack!” movie but it was put aside after “Jurassic Park” was made. So if you liked “Mars Attacks!” the movie, give a little thanks “Dinosaurs Attack!”


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  1. These cards are the best, well, almost as good as Mars Attacks! at the very least, in my opinion. My favorite one is the card depicting the wedding interrupted by a triceratops attack.

    In fact my very first Comic-Con I had a friend bring Flaming Carrot creator Bob Burden a couple of packs of the cards as he had stated how much he loved the series.

  2. I have this set!!

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