Retroist Access Monday (RAM) – PicturePhone Mod II

1969 Picture Phone

Picturephone service only had a total of 500 subscribers at its peak, and the service faded away in the 1970s.

Video Phone trivia:
When and where was the world’s first public video telephone?

Telephone Trivia:
Who claims to have the oldest, still working phone number and what is that number?

Head to the forums to find out.

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One thought on “Retroist Access Monday (RAM) – PicturePhone Mod II

  1. I remember going downtown and playing with these at the AT&T office building. They had a display “The Future of the Telephone” set up on the first floor. You would sit at a desk with one and on the other side of a wall another person would sit with the same set up, you could talk and see them. I would leave and on the way home think about the future with its flying cars.

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