This Week’s Top Retro Commercial is … Mattel Musical Toys of 1959

The results are in and this week’s top retro commercial is … Mattel Musical Toys of 1959.


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One thought on “This Week’s Top Retro Commercial is … Mattel Musical Toys of 1959

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Okay, two things:
    One, I had the Mickey guitar in my hands at some point and this takes me way back before I was born.
    Two, ah, dunno how to say this but, I clicked on one of the youtube links after the commercial on something called “Penelco Retroist” and
    my mind is blown (in a good way, I think…maybe not).
    Gonna have to dig up the old Denny Terrio albums now.
    Is this somehow related to this site?
    Feel free to obliterate this post if necessary.
    I’ll understand.
    But dang!
    I swear I’ve had dreams like that (which end up with me clapping along, oblivious, in nothing but my underoos).

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