Pokemon Snap

Pokemon Snap

“To be a Pokemon master is my destiny.”… Or a Pokemon photographer. Pokemon snap takes place on Pokemon Island, where you travel around in what looks like a large yellow bucket on wheels (The Zero-one – Ed).

You play as Todd Snap, an up and coming Pokemon photographer who is summoned by Professor Oak to Pokemon Island to help him with a report. The island is largely untouched by humans, and so the Pokemon roam free and undisturbed. the island is split up into different areas which you discover one by one, sometimes having to trigger certain events, such as getting a Pokemon to stand on a switch to open a gate.

The aim of the game is to take pictures of each Pokemon during the level. Professor Oak then grades each photo, giving points. Good photos are clear, centred and have the Pokemon doing something like eating, fighting or looking happy. As you have to play each level through a few times, there are always more Pokemon to find with help from Prof Oak.

As you progress through the levels Prof Oak gives you items to help you out, and that make the Pokemon react in different way. For example throwing Pokemon food in the shape of an apple makes Pokemon happy, but if you bonk them on the head with it, they will get angry or lay dazed on the floor (oh the humanity – Ed)!
You do have to play the levels through at least a couple of times, and if you miss what you needed to do then you have to restart the level, which is slightly annoying, as there is no way to make the zero-one go backwards. though there is an item you get during the game that speeds the vehicle up, which is a nice touch.
The game is pretty easy to complete in a few hours if you remember where things are or have played the game before, but you can continue to keep playing to try and snap all 63 Pokemon (out of a possible 150, I didn’t know this is had to ask honestly – Ed) that are in the game.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty standard for an N64 game. Not terrible, but not amazing either. There are certain points in the game where something looks rather dodgy, mostly Todd’s face when something interesting happens. Pretty standard.

Sound: Pokemon snap has a different repetitive theme tune for each section of the island, and although it’s not that awful, after a few hours of playing and having to repeat levels over and over again it does cause somewhat of a headache! When taking a shot with the camera, you do get that satisfying camera sounds though (would be better if it was a machine gun noise – Ed)!

Gameplay: It’s a VERY simple game to play, and to make it easier, in the first level Prof Oak is talking you through it all step by step. You can’t really go wrong for the controls. It’s a pretty easy game all in all.

As a summary, Pokemon snap is another offshoot of the original Pokemon games for the Gameboy. I was completely engrossed in Pokemon games as a teenager and so I did buy Pokemon Snap. I enjoyed it then , and I still enjoy it now. If I have a few hours to spare and feel like some light gaming, Pokemon Snap is usually a good bet. I am giving Pokemon Snap a 3 out of 5.

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