Spiro Agnew Watches

Although not talked about much nowadays, VP Spiro Agnew was a lightning rod for opinions back in his day. So much so that he inspired a fashion craze with the Spiro Agnew watches (a take off on the popular Mickey Mouse watch); conservatives wore them to show their support for Agnew, while many liberals wore them to signify their mocking contempt. You can often find them at flea markets and wearing one will surely confuse your friends and send them running to google.

If you want to take things a step further, Hake’s has a Spiro Agnew Wall Clock available.

spiro agnew watch


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One thought on “Spiro Agnew Watches

  1. Actually, I think I’ll get the Moshe Dayan watch and really get my friends doing a Google search–unless they just assume it’s a pirate watch!

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