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I love film history. I especially find the early history of Hollywood and the people and films fascinating. Because of this, I picked up The Brothers Warner on DVD this week. The film was put out by WB, so do not expect to find any harsh negativity (the story is a little lopsided, but surprisingly candid at times), but if you overlook that flaw you will find a compelling story of an American family who went west seeking their fortune. Along the way they would help to grow and revolutionize an industry and turn their family name into a household word.

The film is directed by Cass Warner who is a descendant of the brothers. To her credit, the film could have been a lot more lopsided and for the most part she avoids getting sentimental about the subject matter, often delving into the problems the brothers had with the business and their private lives. Would I like more details? Yes, but that is why their is also a book by the same name that I have heard good things about and plan to pick up.

The Brothers Warner is an intriguing portrait of the men who started the Warner Bros. The helped to push the medium in the direction we see today by introducing sound and creating some of the most influential pictures. It is a worthwhile watch, the only flaw is that it will leave you wanting more of the story.

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